FanStable is a mobile app that allows fans to take the reins in live horse show events across the country. Pick horses, win ribbons, and climb the leaderboard in the first ever fantasy horse show experience.

Here’s how to play:

Step 1: Download and sign up on the FanStable app.

Step 2: Select a class you’re interested in from the Classes section.

Step 3: Choose any 2 horses from the list. Pick the two horses you think have the best chance to finish at the top of the class.

Step 4: Follow your horse picks during the show. Check back often to see how they’re doing.

Step 5: Win! When your horses win, so do you. Get points anytime your horses earn ribbons and climb the leaderboard.  



When will the horses be available to pick?

Horses will be available for you to pick once the competition lists are finalized.


How does scoring work?

Your score in the game is based on how your picked horses performed.

Horse finish Payout (points) Class Ribbon Awarded
Champion 1000 Class Champion
Reserve Champion 500 Class Reserve Champion
3-10th place 200 Blue ribbon
Also-ran 100


Still Having Trouble?

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